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  • Warranties
  • Derby Rims Product Lifetime Warranty Policy

    Derby Rims are designed for the most advanced riders with goals of maximum performance and rider safety including maximum durability. A zero damage rate yearly goal may be impossible, but a zero damage rate is closer each year with ever advancing manufacturing experience and technology. Since 2017 fewer than 1% of each model of Derby rims ever sold were damaged, including DH models. In fact almost all models have been well under 0.5% yearly damage rate for many years. And Derby road rims continue to have a zero impact damage rate for over 4 years since introduced. Although rare, unfortunate damage can occur, and damaged Derby rims are top priority to replace quickly.


    Experienced racers expect more rapid fatigue and impact damage to any type of rims compared to more casual recreational riding. Derby carbon rims also fatigue more rapidly from racing and other extremely hard uses, and racers should replace their rims each race season, and move undamaged rims of any brand to other bikes or sell them.

    Lifetime Warranty Policy for all Original, Secondary Owners of Derby Rims

    For all warranty issues, please copy the Warranty Application form below and email to warranty@derbyrims.com

    To qualify for a Derby rim damage replacement warranty, the original owner's receipt as proof of purchase is required for original owner pricing of defect or damage. When purchased direct from Derby Rims, the original owner's receipt is on file. When purchased from an authorized Derby Rims dealer, an original retail receipt must have the dealer’s business name, address, and phone number printed on the receipt, and date of sale, the original customer name, and Derby rim model name and wheel build parts. Pictures of the whole wheel having rim damage and a close up picture of the rim damage and rim serial number which is located near the valve hole, are all required. Shipment to Derby Rims of the damaged rim may be required for thorough inspection. The customer is responsible for all shipment costs.


    Any discontinued Derby rim model approved warranty will be replaced by the next closest current rim model.


    Derby Rims are designed, manufactured, and labeled according to their intended use. Evidence of original owner abuse of intended use will only be warrantied by the maximum $290 discount replacement price. Examples of abusive use: Large volume or Enduro-DH oriented tires on XC rims, and abusive high speed suspension bottoming caused damage showing larger than 3/4 inch crack of XC and xc.TRail rims. 

    XC, CX, RD, RC intended use:

    Pavement in good condition.
    Smooth dirt and gravely road or trail riding.
    Maximum tire size: 2.3 inch (58 mm)
    Maximum tire weight: 600g.

    xc.TRail ("TR") intended use:
    Technical-trail moderate speed riding, no large drops greater than 2 ft to smooth transition, never high speed Enduro descents.

    enduro.DH ("DH") intended use:
    DH and Enduro bikes and E-Bikes, and for high speed descents over any terrain.
    Enduro riders should use the "DH" rim for rear wheel. The "TR" rim is normally OK for a front rim for Enduro bikes to save an ounce of rolling weight. 
    Large drops over 1 foot are risky and should use DH rims front and rear for best durability. Also DH park riders should use DH for front and rear rims, due to high risk of crash landings.


    SR (Sol RIder) intended uses:

    xc.TRail and enduro.DH, as described above. 

    Lifetime Manufacture Defect Warranty

    All Derby rims are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for the original owner who had purchased directly from Derby Rims or an authorized dealer. The Defect Warranty does not cover misuse, consequential damage, wear and tear, abuse, or improper installation. A customer will receive a free Derby rim replacement if a product is found defective at the discretion of the Derby Rims manufacturer evidence-based expert analysis, also any damaged Derby rim replacement payment will be refunded for a discounted rim purchased to expedite replacement while waiting for a conclusion of defect analysis. The customer is responsible for all shipment costs.

    Lifetime Damaged Rim Replacement Extended Warranty

    Derby Rims offers a lifetime rim damage pro-rated extended warranty for the original owner who had purchased from Derby Rims or when built  into wheels by an authorized wheel builder or bike shop. Damage to a carbon fiber rim's structural integrity is evident when visibly cracked or punctured. Chips, scratches, and scuffs can occur during Derby rim use, and are normal wear characteristics not covered by a damage replacement warranty. Please send pictures to Derby Rims if visible chips, scratches, or scuffs are questionable whether structural damage. 

    Damage has proven to be so rare that Derby Rims sponsors the original owner a free damaged rim replacement for each rim of a pair purchased together from Derby Rims, or purchased from an authorized wheel builder or bike shop dealer and built into wheels by the dealer, that is determined by Derby Rims to be structurally damaged within the first year of purchase date. After the first year of original ownership deeply discounted damaged replacement pricing applies forever. See the table of discount replacement costs below.


    Please copy the Warranty Application form below and email to warranty@derbyrims.com

    Lifetime Transferable Secondary Owner or Loaned Rider Damaged Derby rim Replacement Warranty

    The Lifetime Damaged Rim Replacement Warranty is transferable by resale or gift to a secondary owner, or while loaned to another rider by any current owner. To qualify for a damaged Derby rim warranty priced replacement by any rider who was not the original owner, email clear pictures pictures of the damaged wheel, close up of damage, and serial number as described fully above for all warranty requests. See the table of discount replacement costs below.


    Please copy the Warranty Application form below and email to warranty@derbyrims.com

    Current damaged rim replacement price discounts:

    For Classic Derby Rims priced at $580 original MSRP:
    Original owner with receipt of Classic Derby Rims during 2 years is 100% discount (FREE replacement)
    Original owner with receipt of Classic Derby Rims after 2 years, or a secondary replacement of a previously replaced Derby rim, is 50% discount ($290)
    Secondary Classic Derby Rims owner or without original receipt or without authorized dealer purchase verification, 40% discount ($348)

    For Sol Rider (SR) Derby Rims priced at $740 original MSRP:

    Original owner with receipt of Sol Rider (SR) Derby Rims during 5 years after purchase is 100% discount (FREE replacement)

    Original owner with receipt of Sol Rider (SR) Derby Rims after 5 years, or a secondary replacement of a previously replaced Derby rim, is 50% discount ($370)

    Secondary Sol Rider (SR) Derby Rims owner or without original receipt or without authorized dealer purchase verification, 40% discount ($444)

    For all warranty issues, please copy the Warranty Application form below and email to warranty@derbyrims.com


    Derby Rims warranty terms are effective March 20, 2022 for any date of purchase since the first Derby Rims were sold on August 15, 2013.


    Derby Rims warranty terms are subject to change.


    Derby Rims are warrantied for use with no greater than the maximum tire pressures listed on the Technical page of DerbyRims.com.

    Derby Rims are warrantied for use with rim tape designed and clearly labeled specifically for use in bicycle rims.

    Derby mountain rims can normally can be used tubeless with sealant with one round of adhesive spoke access hole sealing rim tape within the center channel, two rounds of tape is recommended for DH rims or rims used in hot climates.14mm minimum wide rim tape should be installed for Derby 22i, 23i, and 30i with rims, or 20mm minimum wide rim tape should be installed for Derby 35i, 40i, and 45i plus tire rims. Tubeless rim tape applied only within the rim deep center channel is not disturbed and remains well sealed for many years when removing and changing tires, and is easier to air up without adding wider tape wrapping over the bead seat retention ridges which often is wrinkled further preventing easier tubeless tire air up.

    Derby rims can be used with inner tubes, or tubeless with liquid tire sealant, having 40mm minimum length stems. For tubeless sealant use, it can be helpful to seat the beads with a common floor pump if additional rounds of rim tape are added. When riding tubeless with sealant, ride with caution to observe the reaction of your tires and rims, and frequently check for loss of tire pressure while the sealant is setting up during the first few days. Due to the variety of tires, some may work much better tubeless with sealant than others. If your tire pressure drops too low there is a risk of severe rim impact. The plastic rim strip and sealant system allows the use of standard, tube-type tires, to be used in a tubeless manner. It should be noted that some tube and tubeless tires were not designed to be used with sealant and doing so may void the tire's warranty.

    Derby Rims is not responsible for any damage to the tires or Derby Rims and/or any injury or liability resulting from the use of rims sold by Derby Rims or tires mounted on rims sold by Derby Rims. The terms of the Derby Rims Lifetime Warranty and Disclaimer are agreed upon any purchase and by any rider of Derby Rims.



    A quick warranty replacement is number-one priority attention for Derby Rims. 

    The warranty agreed upon purchase is published on the Warranty page of DerbyRims.com.

    Please email all of the following information (a dealer sales receipt should contain all the information, except serial number and damage photos):

    For an original or secondary Derby rim owner, please complete the following damaged rim warranty application.


    * Full Name of rim owner:

    * Shipping address for a damage replacement Derby rim:
    * Model of damaged rim:
    * If original owner: Date of purchase:
    * If original owner: Business Name and Address and phone number of the Derby Rims authorized dealer:

    * If original owner: Attach a photo or clearly scanned image of the Authorized dealer sales receipt, with the dealer's company name printed on the sales receipt, and date of the retail customer order, and the Derby Rims itemized with or without a wheel build. (If directly purchased from Derby Rims, please provide the sales invoice number, or Derby Rims can find by name or email.)

    (The damaged rim will not need to be shipped to Derby Rims for inspection if photos are provided. If defect is suspected, shipment of the rim to Derby Rims for expert analysis is required.)

    * Attach a clear photo of the damaged rim serial number (printed near the inside valve hole).

    * Attach one or more clear photos of the rim damage.


    Email the warranty application and pictures to warranty@derbyrims.com


    Once confirmed, the warranty replacement for Derby Rims can be supplied very quickly.



  • Return Policy
  • You may purchase merchandise from this Web site by using any one of the payment options listed in (link to Payment Options). DERBY RIMS reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you.



    Please email info@derbyrims.com for Return-Authorization confirmation before shipping any returned Derby Rims order.

    Mistakes can happen. If Derby Rims incorrectly ships the wrong specification rim, pre-built or custom order wheels, then Derby Rims will pay for the return shipping cost and ship the correct pre-built wheels in exchange by the original order carrier service. 

    Buyer pays shipping for any return for exchange or refund of a correctly delivered order from Derby Rims.

    Derby Rims accepts returned new rims received for up to 45 days after purchase from an authorized Derby Rims dealer or if purchased directly from Derby Rims. The returned rims must be in 100% new condition, never previously laced with spokes and no spoke oil applied and with no damage and must be returned in the original protective packaging,. Returned rims will be inspected to assure the 100% new condition upon received return. Accepted returned rims requesting refund will receive a refund back to the original form of payment, less a 5% restock cost deduction. Original order shipping paid will not be refunded.

    Custom built wheels ordered direct from Derby Rims require full payment in advance before hubs, spokes, nipples, and any components are special ordered for the custom order. Once custom wheels start to be built, there is no refund available. If the custom order is paid and special ordered components have been ordered, a refund is possible before starting the wheel build, less a 7% restock cost and special order component shipping cost deduction.

    Non-custom, pre-built wheels bought direct from Derby Rims can be returned within 15 days of purchase. Returned pre-built wheels must be returned in the original protective packaging and received by Derby Rims in 100% new condition.  Returned pre-built wheels will be inspected to assure new condition. Accepted returned pre-built wheels will receive a refund back to the original form of payment, less a 5% restock cost deduction. Original order shipping paid will not be refunded.